D13 RainbowPlaid & CalypsoBlue

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The stylish and chic D13 RainbowPlaid & CalypsoBlue EarWarmerZ will protect your forehead, ears, and nape from San Francisco weather, indoors or out.

This Designer EarWarmerZ is constructed with thick, soft, stretchable, warm, and comfortable 100% polyester polar fleece. All fabrics are hypo-allergenic and purchased in the USA.

Special Offer: Add our Lifetime Warranty for only $11.88, and we will send you a replacement if your EarWarmerZ is ever damaged, worn out, or lost. Shipping & handling included.
U.S. residents only. More details below.
Size diagram

We offer 2 sizes, small and large. To ensure that our EarWarmerZ fit, you need to know the circumference of your head. To find the circumference of your head run a tape measure around your head starting at your forehead, then down past your ears and the nape of your neck and then back up the other side returning to your forehead. use the table below to find your size.

19.5-23 in.
2.25 in.
4.5 in.
3.25 in.
21-25 in.
2.25 in.
4.5 in.
3.5 in.

Be sure to specify which size you want when ordering your EarWarmerZ.

Lifetime Warranty:

(optional) Any EarWarmerZ purchased from this web site is eligible for this warranty. This Lifetime Warranty will cover you if your cherished EarWarmerZ is lost, stolen, damaged, given away or not to your liking. This Lifetime Warranty allows you to choose another comparably priced or less EarWarmerZ from this web site and have it shipped to you....for free. It includes the one-time replacement of your EarWarmerZ and shipping & handling charges. This Lifetime Warranty is optional, costs $11.88, and is only available to residents of the United States.


Green: Wear your stylish, warm, comfortable EarWarmerZ in the house or office and you can lower the thermostat.

Healthy: Wearing EarWarmerZ, indoors and out, reduces the risk of ear aches and ear infections in children and adults.

Thread: Constructed with heavy-duty 100% polyester covered polyester thread inside & out (when necessary).

Stitch: Hidden multi-thread over-lock stitch for the strongest stitch possible. Clean finish and hidden silk seam.

Clean Finish:
Our EarWarmerZ have hidden seam edges which are turned back and stitched. (Pictured Below)

Seam detail shot

All of our EarWarmerZ proudly carry our unobtrusive label on the inside back seam. (Pictured Below)

Label detail shot


We rate our EarWarmerZ from 1 (good for mild San Francisco weather) to 4 (good for the coldest San Francisco days).

This EarWarmerZ is rated 4 (warmest).

Colors and Fabrics:

We are constantly updating our deep, rich colors and soft, comfortable fabrics according to your preferences.


We try our professional best to capture the vibrant colors and soothing textures of our fabrics in our photos but they don't always translate over the internet.


The mannequin heads that we use to model our EarWarmerZ on our web site are three inches smaller than a small human head. Thus our EarWarmerZ will sometimes appear in the photo to dominate a mannequin head when in reality our EarWarmerZ are delightfully stylish and righteously complements the savvy wearer.

$14.88 + Shipping & Handling

Outside Material:
Plaid Double-sided Fleece

Inside Material: (Label Side)
Calypso Blue Double-sided Fleece

This item is temporarily out of stock. Please check back later.


Our standard flat rate shipping and handling charge for orders being delivered within the USA is $2.88 per EarWarmerZ for USPS 1st Class service.

Our standard flat rate shipping and handling charge for orders being delivered outside the USA is $4.88 per EarWarmerZ for USPS 1st Class service.

All EarWarmerZ are made to order. For orders within the USA please allow 7 business days after payment has been received. For orders outside the USA please allow an additional 8 business days.

Returns & Exchanges:

"We accept exchanges but we do not accept returns. Immediately upon receipt of your purchase, if it is not to your liking, you may exchange it (only if it is unopened and unworn) for a comparably priced product from EarWarmerZ.com. Immediately mail it to us and tell us the model and size you prefer. Please include a sufficiently stamped self-addressed envelope large enough to hold your exchange. You are responsible for all shipping and handling charges.


No refunds. All sales are final. That is why we encourage you to purchase the optional Lifetime Warranty.